Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bottling “My Odd Monk Ale”

A batch of “My Odd Monk Ale” was ready to bottle on Wednesday 28 March. I have a Brew Journal to help me track the relevant dates on my brews. I write down the ingredients I add, the cooking times, dates that I start fermentation, dates I bottle, and tasting notes. It helps me know which beers were great and which ones to never make again. I also hope it will help me track any mistakes I make.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back to Brewing!

I started home brewing my own beer back when I was in the Army. I got a few odd looks from my 1st Sergeant during the barracks inspections, but I wasn’t doing anything illegal so he let me continue, especially after I let him try a few during the barracks parties. I stopped brewing for a few years after I was sent to Korea and then PCS’d back to the states. I dusted off my MrBeer keg and started brewing again a few years ago but stopped again after I moved apartments a few times. Now that I have bought my house and don’t plan on moving again anytime soon I decided to start brewing again. I have made a few batches recently and been very pleased with the results.